Property valuation: Calculating costs when selling

What price are you hoping for when thinking of selling your property? You will probably not be able to assess it just like that. And if you do, it will not always be appropriate for the current market. But determining the price has a high priority, as it is a decisive factor in the sale of a house or apartment. A professional property valuation by our estate agents determines this important basic factor and sets the course for what will hopefully be a successful sale.

Too expensive, too cheap: the risks associated with a valuation

When selling a property, it is important to find the right balance. Prices that are too high are a deterrent for potential buyers, as are prices that are too low. You probably know it yourself: If you are searching for a specific item, you roughly know its price range. If a supplier stands out with a price that is significantly lower, you suspect a catch and discount the offered item. At the same time, you won’t immediately click on the most expensive advert either.

The same is true for prospective buyers of property. A price that is clearly too high will not attract buyers any more than a suspiciously low bargain. If, however, you are "lucky" and succeed in selling at a low price, you have still lost out on all the money your house or apartment would have been worth.

Price valuation by neutral experts

To ensure your property is not priced too high, neutrality is important in the valuation. We ensure this! Without any emotional ties to the house or apartment, we assess the price, looking only at the facts. These include

  • location
  • size
  • condition of the building
  • position of the property
  • latest refurbishment

We also look at the market: What are buyers currently prepared to pay in the region in question? Are there similar properties on the market or is yours a one-off? Is it a good time to sell, or would it be better to wait a little? We also ensure that you don’t sell below market value. We show you the price you could offer your property for and tell you what you could expect to achieve.

Various advantages for owners

In addition to the neutrality of our experts, there are also other benefits for you. With our valuation you avoid the risk of having to wait too long for a buyer. Instead, a realistic sales price quickly attracts prospective buyers. We support this further by creating a high-quality property profile that stands out positively from other adverts. Enjoy the time savings and professionalism of our service, which starts with the all-important property valuation.

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