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In the middle of the Bavarian Forest, in the mountains of Austria, in the Dolomites of South Tyrol or in Bella Italia: with our range of properties, you can realise the dream of your own holiday property or of a holiday property as an investment. Take a look at our portfolio or talk to our real estate specialists about your personal hopes for a property.

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Properties for sale in Bavaria, in South Tyrol or on Lake Garda

Leere Wohnung

Investing in a property in Southern Germany or in another foreign country can not only be a financial bonus, for example as a result of an increase in value or in the context of commercial use, but above all a personal and emotional gain. Who doesn't like to spend their holidays in their own holiday home or take regular time-outs from everyday life in their apartment with a mountain panorama?! Or in the villa with its own jetty on Lake Garda? The idea of a home office with a lake or sea view is just as tempting. We also offer suitable properties in Southern Germany, Austria and Italy for customers interested in agricultural or commercial use.

In our portfolio you will find various properties for sale - for example country houses for private use, covenanted farms that must continue to be farmed, farms and vineyards for agricultural business or hotels as an investment. Our properties for sale include real rarities such as castles and palaces, "agriturismo" and "rustici", large estates or exclusive villas with modern facilities, and even your own private island.

We offer transparent expert advice

We are specialist market experts for Germany, Austria and Italy - with particular emphasis on South Tyrol, Tuscany, Lake Garda and Sardinia. We are happy to advise you on your investment in real estate. Just let us know the purpose for which you are looking for a property abroad - private, commercial, as an investment - and we will put together a suitable selection for you. We give you transparent information about all relevant data, provide a value assessment on request and advise you comprehensively on your decision.

Would you prefer to rent a holiday property? We can help you! Please contact us directly.

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