Property valuation: Calculating costs when selling in the south

What price do you expect when you think about selling your property? You probably can't put a figure on it ad hoc. And if you can, it is not always in line with the market. But as a decisive feature of a house or flat sale, it must enjoy a high priority. With a professional property valuation by our estate agents, you create this important basis and set the course for a hopefully successful sale.


Hausmodell mit Grundriss und Taschenrechner

It is important to find the right balance when selling a house. Prices that are too high are just as much of a deterrent as an amount that is too low. You are probably familiar with this yourself: When you search for a certain item, you know roughly its price range. If a supplier stands out with a price that deviates significantly downwards, you suspect a catch behind the offer and pay no further attention to it. Conversely, you will not immediately click on the most expensive advertisement.

It's the same for people looking for real estate. A price that is clearly too high will attract just as few buyers as a supposed bargain. If you are "lucky" and sell at a low price, you will have lost money - money that your house or flat would have been worth.


To ensure that your property price is not set too high, neutrality is important in the valuation. We provide this! Without any emotional ties to the house or flat, we assess the price and only look at the facts. This includes for example

  • the location
  • the size
  • the condition of the building fabric
  • the situation
  • the last modernisation

In addition, we orient ourselves to the market: What are buyers currently willing to pay in Bavaria, South Tyrol or Austria? Are there enough similar offers or is your property one of the special ones? And is the current time for a sale worthwhile or should you perhaps wait a little longer? We also make sure that you do not sell below value. We show you exactly the price you can estimate for your property and reveal what you can expect.


In addition to the neutrality of our experts, you as the owner receive further benefits. With our valuation, you avoid the risk of having to wait too long for a buyer. Instead, the realistic sales price is sure to quickly attract interested parties. Of course, we support this even further with our high-quality exposé, which pleasantly stands out from other advertisements. Enjoy the time savings and the professionalism of our offer, which already starts with the important property valuation.

What is my property worth and what criteria are included in the valuation?

One of the most important reference points for determining the value of a property is the official standard land value, which is reassessed annually by the responsible authorities. The list shows which types of use are defined for the district and the respective parcel and what the average value per square metre is. Now it is necessary to define the building type in terms of age and structural condition and to determine the exact square metre that is advertised as living space. Other market-relevant data such as demand, storage space conditions and comparative values are also included in a professional property valuation.

At what price should the property be offered?

Naturally, sellers of a property hope for the highest possible price, but this must be well justified. A professional property valuation first establishes a building value that is in line with current developments on the market. In view of a regionally high demand for certain properties, it is customary and justified to set a higher sales price. In close consultation between the estate agent and the sellers, a price range is defined beforehand, which includes a possible room for negotiation. This comes into play if, for example, a sales process takes longer than originally calculated.

When is an online property valuation worthwhile, and when is a valuation with an on-site valuer?

In the case of a property valuation via the internet, a fundamental distinction must be made between purely online calculators and individual offers from an estate agent. While the latter is very familiar with the region and the market-related framework conditions, other online services only work on the basis of standard land values. In the case of an online property valuation by an experienced estate agent, this also involves a price estimate that is relevant for the intended sale. If the actual condition is to be determined for a community of heirs, a credit institution or with regard to legal proceedings, on the other hand, a valuation by an expert is the best option. From a legal point of view, the basis here is the so-called market value of a property, in which a condition analysis takes precedence over the assessment of the potential.

Offer price vs. selling price: What is the difference?

If demand for property is particularly high, this should also be reflected in the asking price, provided market forecasts predict further growth. The asking price thus refers to the value that is set between the owner and the agent as the highest possible rate at which the property is present on the market. This already includes a negotiating margin, which should not fall below a minimum mark that has also been set beforehand. In contrast to the asking price, the selling price refers to the actual result that is achieved in the end with the real estate brokerage and satisfies all parties.

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